Blue Ocean Advertainment
 Our Profile

Blue Ocean Advertainments is one of the leading full-service event management companies in Madurai offering professional and personalized services to a host of clients since 2009 it was Formerly called as Blue Ocean Ads.

 Our Service

The company has evolved into a specialist corporate event management company by offering a bouquet of services that cater to all the important promotional and brand building needs of corporate.


Our company has a professional team with hands-on experience and creative skills to ensure every aspect of the event is handled with finesse. From designing to execution to co-ordination… what you need is what we deliver.

 Our Network

Our Clients and Service Network is wide spread over India, thus we ensure a prompt service delivered to your satisfaction where ever in India. Deep survay over various markets, Suggesstion of right choice for yout branding is our key areas that we stand ahead from others.